Britain’s Global Gateway

Already home to the UK’s busiest port complex including the four major ports of Hull, Goole, Immingham and Grimsby which combined handle around 17% of the nation’s trade, the Humber Ports play a vital role as strategic assets in the fabric of the nation.

They handle the materials that supply 10% of the nation’s energy, 25% of the UK’s fuel for our vehicles, almost a third of our national timber supply and underpin the farming, food, retail, construction, automotive and pharmaceutical sectors. The economic impact of them is felt across the UK but especially the Midlands and the North of England.

Over the next few months, the consortium that put the bid together will be doing the work needed to get Humber Freeport up and running. In the meantime, this factsheet will hopefully answer some of your initial questions.

• Green Energy Jobs
• Decarbonisation
• Exports
• Customs Zone
• Rail industry supply chain
• Innovation centre
Grimsby and Immingham
• Customs Zones
Humber South Bank
• Green Energy jobs at Able Marine Energy Park
• Customs Zone at Immingham
• Expansion of South Humber Industrial Investment Park

How will Humber Freeport be run?

The consortium which pulled the bid together is currently working on the next steps for the bid. Subject to Government approval, it is intended to create a company limited by guarantee to run Humber Freeport, with a Board made up of a mixture of the public and private sectors. This will take a few months to be fully up and running, but the aim is to have the Board and company established by the end the summer of 2021.

The Freeport entity intends to formalise its engagement with the wider Humber business community and to work closely with other entities across the region.

How do existing local
businesses benefit?

We will know more about this as details emerge. However, it is the intention to incentive new investors to the area to use local suppliers, to boost existing businesses across the Humber. Businesses will also benefit from the general uplift in economic activity in the area catalysed by the freeport.

How can my land be added
as a tax site or customs zone?

It is our ambition that if Humber Freeport is successful it will grow over time. However, it will take Government approval to add new sites into approved zones. We hope new Government guidance on this will be made available in the future to help guide how zones can be expanded.

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