Pensana is developing the world’s first renewably-powered rare earth metal processing facility based at Saltend, Hull. Once fully operational, it will aim to produce five per cent of the world’s demand for global magnet metals, contributing significantly to ‘levelling up’ the UK economy by fostering the creation of high-value job opportunities. 

Located in the Humber Freeport in Hull, within the world-class Saltend Chemicals Park, a hub for leading chemicals and renewable energy businesses, Pensana is committed to developing the world’s first independent and sustainable rare-earth supply chain. It will produce the key components for electric vehicle and offshore wind original equipment manufacturers with low-embedded carbon.

During its construction phase, Pensana’s facility is projected to generate 450 employment opportunities, followed by over 125 permanent positions once operational. The facility marks a significant milestone, being the first major separation plant to emerge in more than a decade, and one of only three major producers located outside China. 

The plant will be pioneering, setting an industry precedent as the first to be powered by renewable electricity. The positioning of Pensana’s refinery in the Humber Freeport reinforces the Humber’s contribution to the UK’s rare earth metal supply, particularly in relation to the manufacturing of electric vehicles and offshore wind technology. 

The transition to electric power in transportation represents a crucial facet of the ongoing energy transition, marking one of the most significant changes in the history of energy. Rare earth magnet metals assume a vital role in this transition away from traditional internal combustion engines, serving as indispensable components for both electric vehicles and offshore wind turbines.

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