Humber Freeport - Goole

A unique opportunity presents itself to create and integrated supply chain alongside the new Siemens rail factory (under construction) and the existing Guardian Glass factory.

The Goole Freeport Site is poised to unlock a wealth of high-quality employment opportunities, particularly within the realms of cutting-edge advanced manufacturing, sustainable low-carbon energy solutions, streamlined modern distribution and logistics, and the burgeoning rail sector. The initiative is set to spark further significant investment in the East Yorkshire town and across the wider region.

With a vision to drive the UK economy, the Goole Tax Site aims to expedite strategic land development adjacent to the £200 m Siemens rail manufacturing base and enable the expansion of a rail innovation and supply chain hub.

How do existing local
businesses benefit?

We will know more about this as details emerge. However, it is the intention to incentive new investors to the area to use local suppliers, to boost existing businesses across the Humber. Businesses will also benefit from the general uplift in economic activity in the area catalysed by the freeport.

How can my land be added
as a tax site or customs site?

It is our ambition that if Humber Freeport is successful it will grow over time. However, it will take Government approval to add new sites. We hope new Government guidance on this will be made available in the future to help guide how sites can be expanded.

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