Plans for a pioneering decarbonising energy plant within the Humber Freeport area have moved a step closer.

The waste to energy plant is proposed for development at Saltend Chemicals Park, which sits within the Hull East tax site of the Freeport.

A ‘Heads of Terms’ agreement has been reached between Saltend Chemicals Park operator px Group and Standard Gas Technologies, the developer of the proposed facility.

The plant would be capable of processing up to 48,000 tonnes of non-recyclable waste every year, generating a clean gas which would power around 10,000 homes annually.

The deal would represent another significant investment at Saltend, alongside plans for Pensana’s rare earth facility and Meld Energy’s proposed green hydrogen production plant.

Geoff Holmes, CEO of px Group, says: “We are delighted to be working with Standard Gas on yet another pioneering decarbonisation project destined for Saltend.

“Decarbonisation is a non-negotiable, and carbon capture and removal – both on a large and small scale – will play a central role in reaching net zero targets here in the UK and Europe.”

Saltend Chemicals Park in Hull

The agreement aims to bring Standard Gas’s commercial scale SG100 plant to Saltend.

In simple terms, SG100 technology bakes but does not burn waste in a high-temperature, oxygen-free oven to generate both gas – which is immediately processed for cleanliness – and a carbon-capturing material called biochar.

Biochar, which is like a ground charcoal and up to 90% carbon, is removed, cooled, and stored ready to be sequestered in or help decarbonise construction products or used to enrich soils for agriculture and horticulture.

Laurence Sharrock, Technical Director, Standard Gas, says: “An industrial park like Saltend is a perfect location for one or more SG100s, providing decarbonising power and products for on-site consumption.

“We already have a pipeline of over 20 SG100 units in four to five projects across several industrial and commercial sectors, and successfully deploying the technology at a high-profile location like Saltend will have much wider significance.

“Saltend has a highly skilled workforce on its doorstep, and a plethora of sector-leading businesses on site that can utilise the SG100’s output.”


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